Thursday, May 2, 2013

Want to Bring Back a Great Ice Cream Experience in Providence, KY?

Time and again, people ask me why I don't reopen our little ice cream shop that served the most delicious soft serve, shakes, banana splits and brownie sundaes, not to mention the scrumptious blendz treats.

Cookie Dough,  

Banana Split 
and Strawberry Shortcake 

were some of our biggest sellers.

Here's the reason:


We don't have enough funds to get back on our feet. We had an awesome business going with Ryan's Ice Cream and Grill before, but issues (no longer a problem) with our prior franchise required us to close.
If we reopen, it would only be for ice cream, unless we had long-term positive cash flow or sell the property. 

If you'd like to have great soft serve ice cream back in Providence...DONATE!


Goal - $15,000

Deb Ryan will be at 2141 Westerfield Drive in Providence on the following dates, collecting donations 

at the drive thru:


Tuesday, May 7th -          12 noon - 6 pm 


*other dates will be announced, depending on each date's collection outcome. I want to reopen, as soon as possible.


Totals will be announced the day following each collection date.


Look for photos and comments to come!!!!!!!!!!!

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