Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 4: The Hub

Time was... 2141 Westerfield Drive had the only soft serve machine in Providence, maybe even Webster County. For certain, it has been the only place where the great tasting creamy blizzards that were chock-full of brownie pieces, nuts, reese cups or holiday favorites, such as pumpkin and pie crust finished off with whipped topping and pumpkin pie spice for the yummy pumpkin pie blizzard.  

The year 2009 brought another great soft serve place, Ryan's Ice Cream and Grill, that served the same quality treat; we just called it a "blendz" instead since we weren't Dairy Queen anymore. Even better, we could add whatever mix-ins we wanted - including orange slices with crushed pineapple and a bit of coconut and maraschino cherries to make the "Fruity Tooty." We even started the mini-size of the mix-in treat (before DQ), wanting to give our customers a more affordable option.

Yes, when you have a small business owner that's committed to providing great options that give consumers more of what they want, it's a WIN-WIN for all. As a focal point for great ice cream, our soft serve machine can create delicious ice cream for treats that YOU inspire! Help us turn the Hub back on soon.

Total funds donated to date: $116.00

I'll be back in Providence at the former DQ, Monday, May 13, 2-6 p.m.

Hope you'll stop by to donate or chat, and help us get going ASAP.

And don't forget...ParadICE is scheduled to open in Cole Plaza today for delicious shaved ice treats!! 

Here's a pic of their menu:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 3: An Interesting Turn of Events

I was dreaming today... 

I don't believe I've ever dreamed while picking up grass clippings and trimming lawn edges with scissors the way my grandmother used to do, but I did today (Thursday). My weedeater was temporarily out of commission, so the scissors were my substitute... brought back great memories of my days growing up on my grandparents farm between Dixon and Clay. But my best memories today were of the compliments and smiles that I experienced when I handed someone a delicious shake, cone or sundae (decorated with a cherries or sprinkles on top) in days gone by. 

I want to do that again - and to hear folks say, "How is it that your shakes are the best around?" I look forward to telling them that it's the mix (can't share's a secret of my trade), and of course the way that the treat is prepared, especially one that is ChoColate!!

A Storyteller's Visit 


Matt Hughes, from the Journal Enterprise, dropped by today. He wanted to know what the #bringbackgreaticecreamprovidencky experience was all about. I was most happy to share. He's planning on developing an article that can help the community get all the facts, too. It will be wonderful to spread the word even more. Meeting Matt was awesome. I found out that in addition to being a reporter, he's also a fiction writer.

A Schoolmate From the Past Shares Her Confidence in God's Plan


Darlene Franklin was a dear best friend from my school days in Webster County. I'm friends with her on Facebook, but I'd not seen her in person in quite some time. Her visit today was a brief short reunion (her grandkids were with her and she had places to go) that I look forward to enjoying more later.

In she came, hurrying to find me, as I was in the back of the restaurant.

She greeted me with "What are you doing? Are you going to reopen?" 
I said, "God willing."
Darlene replied, "Of course, your going to reopen. God wants you to be here."

Darlene said she was stopping by to let me know that she and her husband wanted to donate and she'd be back to give me the money. She then did even more. Raising her arms, as if to flex her muscles, she also told me that she wanted to help in a physical way, too, as much as she can, to get things back in shape.

The greatest words that Darlene shared was that God's people are supposed to help others. Further, she said when one has something and the other is in need, we are to share. 

These are words I have lived by all my life and practiced. Sometimes things go differently than you ever dreamed of, no matter how much you prepare. I cannot express what that meant to me. 

Another great day. And more to come.

I will be returning to Providence on Friday, May 10, sometime in the evening. Hope to see you there! With everyone doing a little, it will add up to a lot, and we'll soon be making those marvelous ice cream treats again!!

P.S. If you think it's easy to ask for donations, it's not. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I am being obedient to God. The results are up to Providence and God.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 2: God's Instruments

Current statistics show that 41 percent of restaurant sales are made to the millennial generation, ages 20-35 (FSR magazine, No. 4, What Millennials Want). They, generally, dine out the most. Well, I'm here to tell you that while that may be true, the baby boomers are definitely helping  the restaurants to keep running. I experienced this first hand today. God's instruments on Wednesday at 2141 Westerfield Drive in Providence were baby boomers.

Who were these instruments?

John Ryan, my husband - John is disabled. He can't work for extended time periods, but he doesn't let that stop him. He still does his best to contribute whatever he can, even though it's extremely difficult for him, requiring rest and refocus periods. The busyness of formidable tasks are many times overwhelming.

Sweet lady (unsure whether she wants her name mentioned) - she stopped by and shared how she wanted to give me a check for $100 plus $16 cash she had in her car. She explained that she'd seen how hard I'd worked in my business previously and wanted to honor me by donating the money. When she gave it to me, me, my legs gave way...I would have fallen had I not held on to her car door. She was crying and I was crying. There are really no words to express how grateful and humbled I felt.

Gentleman on his way home from work - He was one of our former regular coffee drinkers at the restaurant. It was important to him for us to know that he wanted to see us reopen. Having lived there for many years, he'd seen a lot and knew of what it had taken to keep the restaurant open in the past. He pledged his supportive spirit and said he planned to help us financially in the upcoming future. He commented, "This may just be your season."

I also had the privilege of talking with Dr. James Kemp, superintendent of Webster County Schools and Riley Ramsey made a special effort to stop by, remarking, "I miss you." Mr. Ramsey is a diabetic and we always made a custom burger for him, replacing the top bun with romaine lettuce.

Indeed, it was another good day. ...more weed whacking, clean up and visits from caring people.

Returning to the restaurant...Thursday 2-6 p.m. Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Great Day!

Creamy vanilla soft serve swirling out into a generous size dish, a soft, chewy brownie cut in half diagonally and placed on each side of the dish...

Bright red maraschino cherries placed on top of the soft serve, and mouth-watering hot fudge drizzled from the top curl to the bottom base...

And the final touch -- Beautiful whipped topping stars added to the addictive brownie delight dish that many have craved as much or more than the ever-popular banana split.

I couldn't make one to show you today, but I envisioned it happening...with YOUR HELP.

Even though, we didn't receive any donations, today was very productive and motivating. After all, it was the first day of the action/buzz.

Here is what we accomplished today:

* Lawn received a first cutting with our billy goat self-pull mower. was thick, even the billy goat stalled and resisted!

* Large bag of trash collected along with a golf ball!..
.great memories of the hundreds I've collected in the past
 that came flying over (many times hitting the windows)
 from the golf course.

* First pass made to remove tall, prickly weeds. There are lots of them! My allergies made me quite aware, too.

* Readerboard resurrected from back of parking lot and placed on the flower box once again. Added letters/numbers for message.  It seems there are never enough correct letters for the other side. :-)

* Picked up fallen privacy panels from previous playground area, stored indoors.

* Replaced insulation and fallen ceiling tiles in dining room. Itched, scratched...I welcomed bath time upon arrival back home!



A Great Visit 

Subway employees came by and we talked about our plans. They were most supportive and graciously conveyed their desire to see us reopen and offered to see what they could do to help. My mind flashed back to their store's grand opening day and how our business supported them with a welcome message on our readerboard that encouraged folks to patronize the new restaurant. They even came and took a photo of the sign.

Also, thank you to a few other folks from Clay and Sturgis who came by to chat. 

Returning again tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8, 12 noon - 6 p.m.

By faith we're moving forward. We look to see YOU at the former DQ, Ryan's drive thru!!


Future additional fundraising plans - Community Yard Sale with $25 vendor booths and Bake Sale

I'm also willing to offer my housecleaning services for $10 per hour if anyone has a need. You can reach me at 270-860-4293 via text or phone.

If you have ideas for fundraising, please feel free to share on the Traveling Webster County KY Facebook page. I want to do everything I can to put feet to my prayers and let God show us his direction.

Stay tuned for Wednesday's update!

Thank you to all who are caring and sharing. Please keep it up!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Want to Bring Back a Great Ice Cream Experience in Providence, KY?

Time and again, people ask me why I don't reopen our little ice cream shop that served the most delicious soft serve, shakes, banana splits and brownie sundaes, not to mention the scrumptious blendz treats.

Cookie Dough,  

Banana Split 
and Strawberry Shortcake 

were some of our biggest sellers.

Here's the reason:


We don't have enough funds to get back on our feet. We had an awesome business going with Ryan's Ice Cream and Grill before, but issues (no longer a problem) with our prior franchise required us to close.
If we reopen, it would only be for ice cream, unless we had long-term positive cash flow or sell the property. 

If you'd like to have great soft serve ice cream back in Providence...DONATE!


Goal - $15,000

Deb Ryan will be at 2141 Westerfield Drive in Providence on the following dates, collecting donations 

at the drive thru:


Tuesday, May 7th -          12 noon - 6 pm 


*other dates will be announced, depending on each date's collection outcome. I want to reopen, as soon as possible.


Totals will be announced the day following each collection date.


Look for photos and comments to come!!!!!!!!!!!

Please share this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!