Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 2: God's Instruments

Current statistics show that 41 percent of restaurant sales are made to the millennial generation, ages 20-35 (FSR magazine, No. 4, What Millennials Want). They, generally, dine out the most. Well, I'm here to tell you that while that may be true, the baby boomers are definitely helping  the restaurants to keep running. I experienced this first hand today. God's instruments on Wednesday at 2141 Westerfield Drive in Providence were baby boomers.

Who were these instruments?

John Ryan, my husband - John is disabled. He can't work for extended time periods, but he doesn't let that stop him. He still does his best to contribute whatever he can, even though it's extremely difficult for him, requiring rest and refocus periods. The busyness of formidable tasks are many times overwhelming.

Sweet lady (unsure whether she wants her name mentioned) - she stopped by and shared how she wanted to give me a check for $100 plus $16 cash she had in her car. She explained that she'd seen how hard I'd worked in my business previously and wanted to honor me by donating the money. When she gave it to me, me, my legs gave way...I would have fallen had I not held on to her car door. She was crying and I was crying. There are really no words to express how grateful and humbled I felt.

Gentleman on his way home from work - He was one of our former regular coffee drinkers at the restaurant. It was important to him for us to know that he wanted to see us reopen. Having lived there for many years, he'd seen a lot and knew of what it had taken to keep the restaurant open in the past. He pledged his supportive spirit and said he planned to help us financially in the upcoming future. He commented, "This may just be your season."

I also had the privilege of talking with Dr. James Kemp, superintendent of Webster County Schools and Riley Ramsey made a special effort to stop by, remarking, "I miss you." Mr. Ramsey is a diabetic and we always made a custom burger for him, replacing the top bun with romaine lettuce.

Indeed, it was another good day. ...more weed whacking, clean up and visits from caring people.

Returning to the restaurant...Thursday 2-6 p.m. Look forward to seeing you there!

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