Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Great Day!

Creamy vanilla soft serve swirling out into a generous size dish, a soft, chewy brownie cut in half diagonally and placed on each side of the dish...

Bright red maraschino cherries placed on top of the soft serve, and mouth-watering hot fudge drizzled from the top curl to the bottom base...

And the final touch -- Beautiful whipped topping stars added to the addictive brownie delight dish that many have craved as much or more than the ever-popular banana split.

I couldn't make one to show you today, but I envisioned it happening...with YOUR HELP.

Even though, we didn't receive any donations, today was very productive and motivating. After all, it was the first day of the action/buzz.

Here is what we accomplished today:

* Lawn received a first cutting with our billy goat self-pull mower.
Whoo...it was thick, even the billy goat stalled and resisted!

* Large bag of trash collected along with a golf ball!..
.great memories of the hundreds I've collected in the past
 that came flying over (many times hitting the windows)
 from the golf course.

* First pass made to remove tall, prickly weeds. There are lots of them! My allergies made me quite aware, too.

* Readerboard resurrected from back of parking lot and placed on the flower box once again. Added letters/numbers for message.  It seems there are never enough correct letters for the other side. :-)

* Picked up fallen privacy panels from previous playground area, stored indoors.

* Replaced insulation and fallen ceiling tiles in dining room. Itched, scratched...I welcomed bath time upon arrival back home!



A Great Visit 

Subway employees came by and we talked about our plans. They were most supportive and graciously conveyed their desire to see us reopen and offered to see what they could do to help. My mind flashed back to their store's grand opening day and how our business supported them with a welcome message on our readerboard that encouraged folks to patronize the new restaurant. They even came and took a photo of the sign.

Also, thank you to a few other folks from Clay and Sturgis who came by to chat. 

Returning again tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8, 12 noon - 6 p.m.

By faith we're moving forward. We look to see YOU at the former DQ, Ryan's drive thru!!


Future additional fundraising plans - Community Yard Sale with $25 vendor booths and Bake Sale

I'm also willing to offer my housecleaning services for $10 per hour if anyone has a need. You can reach me at 270-860-4293 via text or phone.

If you have ideas for fundraising, please feel free to share on the Traveling Webster County KY Facebook page. I want to do everything I can to put feet to my prayers and let God show us his direction.

Stay tuned for Wednesday's update!

Thank you to all who are caring and sharing. Please keep it up!!

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